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Karen Pickrell
About Me

Hi there! I’m Karen! Most days you can find me writing in a patch of California sunshine. I’m kind of addicted to the sun. I like to say that I’m solar powered. Most people know me as Mr. Wonderful’s wife and the mom of three passionate and creative millennial adult kids.

People often refer to me as kind. Overwhelmingly, that’s the consensus of all my teachers in the comments section of my report card year after year. I’ve always thought it was such a boring description, and wished that I was something more interesting, but there it is. I am kind; just don’t cross me. 😉 But if people get to know me, I’m also a good listener, imaginative and insightful, with a playful and sometimes wicked sense of humor, which I reserve for only my closest friends. Lucky you! I am never more honest than I am in print. 🙂

Writing for Big People

Parenting is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs on the planet, but it doesn’t come with a manual. I’ve read tons of parenting books, solicited my fair share of advice from successful parents, attended parenting classes, like Nurtured Heart, and listened to Love and Logic DVDs. I’m not too proud to have paid good money (and well spent, might I add) for a life coach during rough patches.

Recently, I’ve been on the other side of the coaching conversation as a New Teacher Coach. It turns out; the same coaching questions that empower beginning teachers to thrive in the classroom are the same questions that can inspire your adult child to reach their full potential. These coaching techniques are so life changing; I just had to share them with you! It would be just plain selfish not to. 😉

Writing for the Deathly Allergic

I’m a Celiac survivor who LOVES bread! When I get to heaven, and I’m feasting at that heavenly table, the first thing I’m going to ask for is a loaf of warm sourdough bread slathered in butter. Nearly a decade ago, when I was at death’s door because of gluten, the doctors were running all kinds of tests with no positive results. My family physician concluded that I was just stressed out and wanted to give me Prozac. Finally, I got wind of something called the gluten free diet. What’s that? I googled it, gave it a whirl and magically, all my symptoms vanished.

When I first started eating gluten free, it was overwhelming, because I found out that gluten is in EVERYTHING! Gluten free food has come a long way since then, but for those just starting out, it can be a little daunting. Let my hubby, Mr. Wonderful, and I be your gluten free guinea pigs as we try out recipes, products and restaurants. It’s actually a delicious adventure and one of our favorite past times. 🙂

Writing for Little People

I love creating children’s picture books to delight children and parents! I imagine a whole gaggle of story ideas each day, and try to corral them into my iPhone before they fly away to parts unknown. I’m kind of obsessed with children’s stories. If I find myself in Barnes and Noble, I am inexplicably drawn to the children’s section browsing through all the latest books on display.

As a kid, I loved Corduroy, Emily Elizabeth and her big dog Clifford, Curious George and the man in the big yellow hat, and feisty little Madeline. Truth be told, I much prefer the pages of a children’s book to real life. As a former elementary teacher, story time was always my favorite part of the day. There is nothing like casting a spell on a classroom of kids as you transport them to another time and place through the pages of a good book.

Random Facts About Me

When I’m not busy working on writing you can catch me…

  • walking around my suburban town hand in hand with my hubby, Mr. Wonderful.
  • jet setting to visit my millennial kids scattered across the United States.
  • exploring nature in search of inspiration for my next children’s book.
  • taking a day trip to Tahoe, Napa or San Francisco.
Hungry for More??

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five more things you might catch me doing when no one’s looking, like…

  • watching Hallmark movies with a box of Kleenex.
  • cleaning the house while listening to Disney songs (When Will My Life Begin and The Work Song from Cinderella are kind of perfect when doing this task).
  • eating gluten free goodies, especially lemon bars, lemon curd, or anything lemony or chocolaty or berry. Ok, I’m done. I think.
  • listening to audio books while cooking or working out at the gym, cuz’ I feel too guilty and unproductive just sitting and reading a book for hours, and I’m not even sure I can focus on one thing for that length of time anyway. 😉
  • deleting Words With Friends for the umpteenth time, because I’m trying to stop the addiction. Do you know if they have a patch for that yet?
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