The Gluten-Free Bible

Whether you’ve recently discovered that you have a gluten allergy or you’re a long time veteran of Celiac Disease, The Gluten-Free Bible has something for everyone!

If you’re just starting out, and you haven’t figured out how to cook gluten free, study Part 1 and 2 of the book for the basics on setting up a gluten free kitchen and purchasing gluten free products.  If you’re planning a vacation out of the country, turn to Part 3, which offers tons of websites and resources for dining out and planning a gluten free trip!

If you’re not sure how to navigate college, dating or the holidays with a gluten allergy, read Part 4 for tips on being gluten free in tough situations.  If you’ve been looking for a doctor, who knows something about Celiac Disease, investigate Part 5 regarding “Medical Matters”.  If you’ve been doing this gluten free thing alone and you need additional resources and support, check out the websites and support groups listed in Part 6.

Whatever you do, though, don’t do what I did and try to read the whole thing in one sitting, or your brain might explode from information overload! This is an exhaustive gluten free guide, designed to educate and inform.  Welcome to Gluten Free 101!  Grab your pen and highlighter and get ready to become a Gluten Free Bible scholar! 🙂



I Love Bob

I love Bob and I want to live at his Red Mill. Bob makes everything I bake, satisfying and delicious…and gluten free. Without Bob, there would be no warm cornbread slathered in honey, no Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal to warm me up on a frosty winter morning, and none of my favorite non-gluten free recipes that I can now make, because of Bob’s magical gluten free flour. Bob, you make our once tasteless and unpalatable gluten free lives, so much more rich and flavorful. I can’t thank you enough. I love you, Bob.

Nature’s Path Gluten Free Granola

I’ll take Nature’s Path any day, especially if the trail is littered with gluten free Summer Berries Granola! Soooo yummy! On Nature’s Path, you’ll also find gluten free waffles, cereal, chewy granola bars, and Qi’a, a superfood that looks like birdseed, only better!

Just be careful to look for the gluten free sign along Nature’s Path, so you don’t accidentally find yourself wandering into non-gluten free territory! With all these delicious, organic, gluten free choices, why choose any other route? Take Nature’s Path! I’ll leave a trail of granola for you to follow! :)

What’s your favorite gluten free granola?