Is This The One?


Is your young adult son or daughter in a serious dating relationship and considering marriage?  If they want to make sure their love will last a lifetime, have them check out Dr. Steve Arterburn’s book, Is This The One?   Actually, this book should be mandatory reading for any couple trying to figure out whether or not to take the plunge.

To increase the odds that a couple’s story ends in happily ever after and not divorce court, Steve Arterburn outlines a dating plan to equip every couple to choose wisely the first time around.  The dating plan consists of three sets of 10 dates.  The first 10 dates are designed to reveal a couple’s compatibility.  The second set of dates is premarital counseling dates with a licensed counselor to prepare for married life.  The final set of dates occurs during the first year of marriage as a continuation of pre-marital counseling, in order to provide a smooth transition and a healthy foundation for a lifetime of wedded bliss!

Pre-marital counseling…now there’s a practical and preventative wedding gift!  In fact, I think it’s such a great idea, that I’m building a counseling expense into my children’s wedding fund.  Forget the flowers and party favors!  I’m investing in something lasting!

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